We Build Human-Centric Customer Acquisition Systems Powered by AI

Unlock B2B Sales-Ready Opportunities with Decision-Makers from Leading Companies in Your Target Market

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What if you could get on the phone with your dream client every day?

It would be hard not to grow. We find your dream clients, get them pre-sold on your business, and eager to jump on a call with you. Say goodbye to time-wasters and hello to a pipeline filled with highly qualified, ready-to-buy leads.

How does it work?

1. Data Scraping
& Live Intent

We leverage 17+ B2B databases and our own to extract the contact information of the companies and team members we want to target.

We use live-intent data such as job postings, news, funding and other triggers so you can reach out precisely when your offer is the most relevant to your customer.

2. AI & Human Personalisation​

We trust in blending Human Expertise with AI to achieve the most optimal outcomes. One is not effective without the other.

Our AI analyzes customer data, which, when fused with our strategic copywriting, produces impactful, relevant, and personalized messages that kickstart real relationships.

3. Multichannel Outreach & Conversion​

Our funnels qualify prospects with videos and sales pages pre-call, ensuring that only genuinely interested, pre-sold leads reach your sales team. 

Get on the phone with prospects that know about you, your business, your offer and are genuinely interested – say goodbye to window shoppers and time wasters.

Our partners love us

Prodigy is your committed growth partner, focused on understanding your unique needs and providing customized solutions with sincerity. Our personalized approach ensures that your success is our priority, with our achievements tied directly to your results.

"Partnering with Prodigy brought a transformative impact to Dengun's customer acquisition process. By integrating advanced analytics and AI-driven insights, Prodigy precisely targeted and engaged our ideal customer segments, leading to a substantial increase in qualified leads. Their approach involved a granular, data-led methodology that optimized our conversion rates and significantly reduced acquisition costs."

Jorge Cabaço CMO - Dengun

"Prodigy's insight into our HNWI target groups has really impressed us, bringing us closer to our €50M goal this year. They excel in creating effective, AI-powered customer acquisition systems. The onboarding was smooth, and their campaigns have already led to higher quality and quantity of leads and deals. We're confident in the long-term success of our partnership and looking forward to continue working together."

Julian Johnson CEO - Tejo Ventures

When we teamed up with Prodigy, our goal was to broaden the reach of our luxury furniture brand beyond its existing clientele. They didn't just open up new markets; they used data to pinpoint lead segments where our designs would resonate the most. The result was an influx of inquiries from previously untapped regions and a 38% uptick in new orders, helping us not just meet but exceed our expansion goals.

Javier Gomez CEO of JG Home Living

Our Lisbon Office in Europe

About Prodigy

Prodigy is on a mission to Accelerate Human Connection by integrating AI with expert human knowledge to create powerful solutions.

In Marketing & Sales, we empower companies with robust, scalable systems for customer acquisition. In recruitment, our AI-driven tools streamline candidate assessment, saving valuable recruiter time.

Our diverse, global team is based in New York City and Lisbon, committed to delivering excellence across continents.

Our Unique Process

Our process ensures every call is a potential deal, connecting you with leads that are not just warm, but ready to commit, accelerating your sales cycle and building a scalable lever of leads.

ICP & Offer Workshop

We'll collaborate to perfect your Ideal Customer Profile and devise an offer so irresistible, that saying no would feel like a wasted opportunity.

Technical Setup

Our technical setup ensures a 99% email inbox delivery rate. We configure multiple domains to maximize deliverability and security.

Copywriting + AI

Leveraging a deep understanding of your customer and offering, we utilize AI, scrapers, and advanced data sources to make each email feel personal and unique.

Automation & Integrations

We integrate smoothly with your CRM and set up different automations to guarantee no opportunities are missed.

Appointment Setting

Our team responds to interested leads promptly, tackling any objections and convincing them to schedule a sales call.

Sales Opportunities

Now you have a scalable and predictable stream of interested prospects. All you have to do is create rapport and close the deal.

Our partners closed deals with senior executives from:

Let's Scale your Outbound Sales

Book a 30-minute consultation to see how we can scale your B2B company and fill your pipeline with warm, ready-to-buy leads. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll gladly point you in the right direction!

Prodigy blends AI innovation with expert insights to forge exceptional business tools. In Marketing & Sales, we craft robust systems that power customer acquisition, setting the stage for substantial growth. In the realm of recruitment, our AI-driven platforms optimize candidate evaluation, offering efficiency and precision. Anchored in New York City and Lisbon, our diverse, global team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions worldwide.